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“Alone we can do so little little, together we can do so much.”

  -Helen Keller

Teacher, Artist, Musician, Mother, Visionary


Leigh Bancroft

I am Leigh.  My life is a constant stream of new adventures being a mother of two boys, a partner to an amazing man, a friend to many, a sister, a teacher, a yogi, and an artist.  I have my Master’s degree in English Literature, which explains my love for books and feminist theory. I spend most of my days inspiring busy college students to read and write more, but I also help women market their businesses through photography and videography.  


I was raised in the deep south of Alabama, and after returning to my home county after being in the military and completing grad school, I truly feel for the struggles women face here, especially with speaking out and creating change.  



Feminist, Activist, Teacher, Traveler 

I am a doctoral teaching assistant at the United States Sports
Academy. I earned my Master of Sports Science degree in sports management from the Academy and a bachelor’s degree in film and media arts from the University of New Orleans. I have experience in television, film and theater, working as an actor and in production in the United States and Malaysia.


I earned the President’s Volunteer Service Award and Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for my work with Habitat for Humanity and Americorps in New Orleans, La., where I taught disaster preparedness. In my spare time, she serves as VP of Bay Area Young Democrats, co-chairs the Lower Alabama Youth Sports Initiative, and
volunteers with local community theatre.



Advocate, Reader, Seeker

Shannon joins FemmSouth as book club coordinator.

A native Southerner, I left for undergrad in the Midwest and decades later find myself back in the Deep South of Alabama. As I have moved through adult life, navigating the challenges of motherhood, grad school, career, divorce, and now single parenthood, reading has given me an anchor in many storms. Specifically, the work of female writers has expanded and illuminated my understanding of self and others. I work as a hospital pharmacist, raise my daughter, coach my college kid via text, knit, and meander along Mobile Bay with my dog.


Emily Ellis-


Songwriter, Musician, Artist

I wrote and perform the song, Mother and Child, heard in the introduction to the podcast.  I play a rare, clawhammer banjo, which you can hear throughout each episode. 


I was born & raised in Alabama, and in between my many creative endeavors, I am a mother to two children and manage a homestead with a dairy cow, pigs, chickens, and other miscellaneous farm animals.  


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