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"I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own."

–Audre Lorde

Leigh Bancroft

Educator, Founder, Producer, Podcast Host

My life is a constant stream of new adventures being a mother of two boys, a partner to an amazing man, a friend to many, a sister, a teacher, a yogi, and an artist.  I have my Master’s degree in English Literature, which explains my love for books and feminist theory. I spend most of my days inspiring busy college students to read and write more.  I was raised in the deep south of Alabama, and after returning to my home county, I truly feel for the struggles women face here, especially with speaking out and creating change.  


Lindsay Windham

Graphic Designer, Artist, Podcast Host, Cat Lover

Happiest when I'm out in the world strolling unknown sidewalks, seeking out cafes and live music, I'm also perfectly content at home with a cat on my lap and a giant mug of tea.  Currently I'm the Art Director of my own company.  Aside from brief stints in the UK and Hong Kong, I lived in South Carolina until 2020 when I moved to Alabama.  I discovered FemmSouth after connecting with like-hearted folks at a protest.  As a graphic designer and podcast co-host, I help FemmSouth increase visibility in our community and beyond.
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Mette McCall

Journalist, Public Relations, Podcast Host

Born and raised in Denmark, I completed a journalist degree there and worked as a newspaper reporter before moving to San Francisco in the early 2000s. In the Bay Area, I handled PR assignments for Danish startups and worked at the Berkeley KPFA radio station.  I now run my own PR agency from Fairhope where I moved with my family in 2014.  I have been an active member of FemmSouth since its foundation.



Advocate, Reader, Seeker

I joined FemmSouth as book club coordinator. A native Southerner, I left for undergrad in the Midwest and decades later find myself back in the Deep South of Alabama. As I have moved through adult life, navigating the challenges of motherhood, grad school, career, divorce, and now single parenthood, reading has given me an anchor in many storms. Specifically, the work of female writers has expanded and imy understanding of self & others. I work as a hospital pharmacist, raise my daughter, coach my college kid via text, knit, & meander along Mobile Bay with my dog.


Emily Ellis-Richards

Songwriter, Musician, Artist

I wrote and perform the song, Mother and Child, heard in the introduction to the podcast.  I play a rare, clawhammer banjo, which you can hear throughout each episode.   I was born & raised in Alabama, and in between my many creative endeavors, I am a mother to two children and manage a homestead with a dairy cow, pigs, chickens, and other miscellaneous farm animals.   

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