She #FemmSouthPoems

By Kate Brueggemann

Love yourself because you are God

And what I mean by yourself

Is the manifestation of all that you are

The many different people you morph into at a whim

In a biological effort to remain a part of the tribe

Human to human

Mannerism to mannerism

Hiding inside of another

your mother’s voice when you sing

your father’s damning tone when self-judgement has set in

Your sisters balance between both


The word you used as an affirmation yesterday

Is at the essence of owning your power and voice


The transformative power of choice

And know that you will always hear echoes of your formative people


That love of God is more powerful than any fling or whim of change

Embodied and forming into the woman you’ve always wanted to be

God is the people, the plants the animals –not the self-obsession

God is you and everyone else

If you are made of all that there is

And yet you are separate it seems

Can’t you just live in the mystery

In a pair of old ripped jeans

Stop trying to play God, and

Just be

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